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Main Competition

Adventurers and explorers of the unknown are going to love it!

The Main Competition is the greatest treasure of Kids Kino that we are sharing with you. This year, we selected nine feature films that you can watch at our premiere screening as the first viewers in Poland. The Main Competition includes animated and live-action films. While each is different and unique, they all have something wonderful in common: no matter how long or short, they will take you on a journey full of thrill and adventure.

Join the jury of Kids Kino and explore the Main Competition to find your favourite film and help it win the Fern Flower Award, or the audience choice award.

List of films:

Christmas at Cattle Hill
Mamma Moo Finds Her Way Home
Yakari, A Spectacular Journey
Dragon Girl
Even Mice Belong in Heaven
Dear Mr. Führer
Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary
My Very Own Circus


Discoveries Competition

A treat for explorers ready to broaden their cinematic horizons!

The Discoveries Competition shows what art cinema for young viewers can look like. These are visually stunning films that address critical issues and offer ample food for thought. This section goes off the beaten path of particular genres and presents the diversity of children’s film. The line-up consists of six feature films from around the world that treat their audience as partners.

We particularly recommend it to all young philosophers who are thinking about who they are and what they feel. Cinematic discoveries are waiting.

List of films:

Mezquite’s Heart
Cabinets of Wonder
Short Vacation
Any Day Now


Documentary Shorts Competition

For everyone ready to hear incredible stories that really happened!

Take our word for it — nothing resonates more with young viewers than a well-made documentary. This is a selection of 11 moving and empowering short films that display a sensitivity to their surroundings. Meet heroes immersed in topical and universal problems of the modern world, narrated through their hopes, joys and struggles.

These are our audience’s peers who inspire action and pull at the heartstrings more than the best professional actors.

List of films:

199 Little Heroes — set of short documentaries
Dance Lessons — set of short documentaries
Charlie Surfer — set of short documentaries



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